You vs.Bullying

David and Goliath huh? Never underestimate the power of little.

David and Goliath huh? Never underestimate the power of little.

Campaign Against Bullying 

                                I’ve heard several stories of people at my age and less getting bullied. I, myself, is a victim of such oppression during my primary and middle school years.  I was once beaten, punched and offended harshly in front of the class. They make fun during my distress. Worse, I was absolutely coward to fight for myself . What’s the use, anyway? When I will only look like a crying baby in front of their amusing faces?  I was very poor because no one dared to defend for me. The least thing to do is to hide my fury and be quiet. Tomorrow, I have to prepare for hearing another bunch of harsh and offending words from the meanest and sickest people I really hate. The scenario has become a cycle-some sort of normal day to day happenings.

 bullying1There’s an inevitable truth that bullying can greatly affect lives especially on dealing with others and building self-esteem. That’s why, I highly support all groups advocating the fight against mistreatment. The primary objective of campaigns is to teach awareness to young ages for preventing bullying and be bullied. Together, lets volunteer ourselves and encouraged everyone to be an instrument to stop any intimidation that no one deserves.


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