The Perks of being a Cancer Fighter

The Girl in Between

First of all, I am not a cancer survivor sharing inspirational story of battling the non-euphoric sickness. Second, I wasn’t diagnosed with a life-threatening illness…as of now. Safe? Maybe.Still, the game is not over. I have numbered days of existence in which I could not fathom if I am going to be sick or not-or if I would acquire melanoma, leukemia and breast tumor in the latter fragment of my being.

So, why am I writing this?

I lost two loved ones because of cancer. Both of them were my granddad. I didn’t witness my lolo’s demise (my father’s father) since I was young and innocent to understand the cause of his death. I was 15 years old when another lolo of mine (mom’s stepfather) discovered he has lung ailment which later developed to a lung cancer.

Of course, the pain feels agonizing during the treatment process. I can’t bear…

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Hungry for HUNGER GAMES 2: Catching Fire

After what seems a year for the release of Hunger Games, the sequel, Catching Fire is soon to arrive with bolder revelations and unexpected chills that will surely glued everyone to their seats. Fans of the movie will appear back to the killer game that started it all.

Good thing, I did finish the 2nd book of Hunger Games trilogy satisfied and astonishment filled. I can’t wait to watch the motion pictureand envisage the characters sucking the enemies with their oh-so gutsy spirit on a hell-like battle for survival.


I was deeply carried away when I finished the last chapter of the book. It sort of a reminder of the success Harry Potter embraced. The overflowing creativity of the author surfaces on another journey of Katniss and Peeta together with their mentors and other memorable characters.

Still speechless and can’t get enough of what I’ve read, let me share some insights readers and audience will expect to the most awaited Catching Fire.


Let the Game Begins

As the Quarter Quell starts for another tremendous opening of 75th Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta were again forced to return to arena. Achievers of previous games will gather to bout for death and glory. The rules of the competition become stricter; challenges become even harder. There’s huge chance of dying and less probability in winning. In the end, it’s always a sole tribute who will bring home the bacon.

The greater risks welcome all tributes leaving the odds less favorable on our protagonists. Their enemies target them as prey whereas they quarry their rivalries.

However, chaos in other districts threatens the Capitol: thus, perceiving the upheaval as wreaking havoc against the government.  Katniss sees escapism as an answer to her fears by turning away from President Snow’s dictatorship on the games and controlling her personal life.

Unstoppable suspense, almost realistic fighting tricks and intense exploitation written in imaginative details are some of the must-watch aspects of the movie.

Cashmere Gloss

Cashmere Gloss

Finnick Odair

Enobaria and Brutus

Enobaria and Brutus

Wiress and Beetee

Wiress and Beetee

New Characters: Friends or Foes?

In addition to Hunger Games team are the preamble of fresh individuals like Finnick Odair, Wiress and Beetee, Plutarch Heavensbee, Enobaria and many other known on their belligerent skills and innovative talents. These renowned figures will likely bring luck or failure to our main characters while Katniss struggles to kill each of them.


Love Knows No Boundaries

Torn between two lovers is really a box office sale in every story. Before, Katniss was determined to win the Hunger Games to come back alive for her family and childhood friend turned sweetheart, Gale. This time, she planned to sacrifice her life in return to save Peeta; which could also reveal hurting and leaving Gale behind.

There were abundance of sweet thoughts exchanged during the toughest moments of Katniss and Peeta. We’ll recognize an unusual kind of love team here. No more pretensions, guilt and feelings to hide any longer. The star crossed lover of District 12 is finally unleashing the true colors of their emotions. And what the love affair once been tagged as simply a “show” to audience became their fighting armor to undermine their adversaries and defeat the game alive.

The question is, would Katniss’ decision suffice the fate awaiting both herself and the one she loves? What does it really mean to give up the one who means the world to you?

Run, Katniss, Run!

Being smart is never enough to win. The games attest that even the most intelligent player will be victimized than those of practically skilled and hardship trained. Because of luring traps and deadly connivance surrounding Katniss and Peeta, sudden alliance was formed to surpass the unforeseen fatal surprises from Head Game maker. The help of these new members of the team made the trials ahead predictable and brainstorming ideas create logical possibilities of what the game was all about. Learning to hop swiftly, flight furiously, run swiftly while thinking aggressively were listed on our tributes to-do tips on enduring sadistic killings inside the field.

If we try to connect the dots of moral lessons and lucidity in arrears of the story, much deeper and reasonable huge similarities will be comparedon our today’s generation. Plainly, the author doesn’t only offer us action of fancy games putting the characters’ life to gravest danger. Reality is being defined on Katniss’ existence. The Games and Capitol portrays our present situation where everything purportedly mandated by political officials.

Get a tight grip in flying your imagination to the most provocative and adrenaline rush tournament you’ll ever read. Have a dose of actions created to exceed your limits. Be prepared and may the odds be ever in your favor.

*Photo downloaded from Google

Attitude Problem: How To Deal With It

I was born to be narcissistic pessimist. It came to a point when I questioned my parents why I confront people differently and why do I keep looking at their mistakes. And why do I give myself so much importance? Neither any of them answered me directly. Few shrugs, “Maybe, it’s how you are created.” I didn’t accept their reason because I sense I wasn’t normal. When encountering problems I usually get annoyed easily to people around me. I easily lose temper because I hate waiting but I’m usually late. I had quarreled to some of my friends and regret doing the act.

There was this time I shouted to our nanny. I told her she has bad attitude that’s why her neighbors fight with her and say something really mean behind her back. And you know what? I was the first one to cry instead of her. She actually blabber unpleasant stuff I did which particularly involves my parents. Once, a dear friend of mine became mad at me for ignoring her. Well, that was an exception! I was pissed off to her for being so moody that I feel she wants me to endear her every time I wouldn’t fulfill what she wants.

It hurts hearing others telling how your personality stinks. I try not to be too forward, altering my interaction; I seek for friends’ counsel because I’m thinking I was undergoing to a psychological problem or mental deficiencies. I had an initial assessment to the company I applied. One of their exams includes a Bach measurement test where I have to complete a sentence based on what occurs first in my mind. It was easy since I let ideas and memories flow in order to beat the time frame given. I was interviewed after and the HR assistant asked my answer, “backstabbing a friend because she wouldn’t lend me her doll” to the sentence, “My worst memory is….” I explained my side and you know what? I messed up. Inasmuch as I want to cover the hideous riposte, I told her the truth of me being so impatient to a person like the one I backstabbed with. I added, “It was 11 years ago, though.” Yes, exactly! It was a long time but I can still remember which a bad idea is because I’m looking for a career to save my life; but here I am, tripping myself into my own ploy. And I kissed the job goodbye.

What an ultimate jerk I was.  I have no common sense that I wasn’t able to think that the test was a trick to further recognize my hidden personality and some factors related to work ethics. The problem, I knew it all along: Attitude. The solution? I’m completely clueless. I wanted to break the barriers hindering me to confront my personal demons. I researched about a pilgrimage, some sort of voyage in Brazil and the reviews were positive. He found what he’s been looking for. Yet, I may want to absorb such piece; the thought of leaving my country to find myself to unknown place may not work for me. This is not Eat. Pray. Love.

One time, I opened a book titled “Purpose Driven Life.” At the back of the cover says, “This is your answer to every life’s ultimate questions”. So, I browsed its contents and started reading the first chapter without missing any pages. The verses written were quite deep and I don’t know if I should take it literally. For better understanding, I read the full meaning of it from the bible. Apart from what people say about how I should change my attitude, I got the best version of eliminating my weaknesses in a book stocked in my cabinet.


Attitude, as I discovered, is a life-long process to develop. It is not an overnight impasse a person can pray to God, and then by next day he’s unconditionally different human being walking on his way to office with a halo on his head. PDL has helped me confront my ruthless side. First, do not always listen to what others say about me. Instead, focus my eyes to the promises of the Lord. Not anyone can relate to what I am saying since each of us believes something, either entity or not. What made me trust to the explanations of Rick Warren (author of the book) is the truest conviction on words with the relation of stories happened in reality. Second, offer my disabilities to HIM. No efforts could comfort my inner struggles on trying to become better person I wanted me to be. It is only by faith and redemption that I can truly amend my assertiveness.

What happens after finishing the pages? Did people around me agree I never look better? Did my friend praise me for harnessing noble personality that permits their ideals? No, nothing much has changed. I’m still dealing with the attitude I know only God can deteriorate.


Ugly is the New Pretty

Have you looked in the mirror to measure your vital stats only to find out you wouldn’t fit the description of gorgeous male bods and skinny dashing females? When was the time you had a make-over (trimming eyebrows, curling eyelashes, wearing cool shades of mascara) to look like your favorite celebrity and you were surprise (the bad kind) because you don’t know who’s in the mirror? Have you seen your reflection impressed or depressed trying to figure out what adjustments and improvements you need to work? You’ve wished tons of times that you can easily work that dream abs and erase the freckles bothering your hopeful face. Frustrating, eh? No, don’t be.

What the society depicts are somehow exaggerations and pretentious to encourage people to embrace a lifestyle that is not theirs. Beauty is define by standards-how you dressed, what type of styles you’re in, your coolest bling and what you put on your face. You’ve become afraid to flaunt your skin because of those scars. Your hair is way less smooth, body without curves, lips opposite of Angelina Jolie and nose too big. Appearance is important, at least. There are certain exemptions as why beauty matters: because it’s significant in work force and media relations. When you’re ugly, you don’t belong in a magazine house filled with models wearing skimpy skirts and showy outfits. If you dare submitting your application, you’re ambitious. Like, “Hey, you’re in the wrong direction…” You would feel left out. Worst, criticized by people who call themselves beautiful.

vintage beauty

It’s as if you’re being treated in the way you don’t plea because you’re ugly. Let me tell you something: you didn’t choose to become what you are right now especially if you’re born with it. Those babies who have undeniable criticism on their physique and form, they didn’t want any of that. If they could possibly choose their desired nose’s structure, eye’s shape and lips, I bet they would have wanted differently. And due to genetics, the world charges them to pay the price they never intended to bear. Beauty products are advertised and sold to hide our flaws. We buy these products in belief of finding solutions to hide our insecurities. However, if external features are your description of real beauty, you’re missing the point of the human total package.

Whoever actually invented the term ugly hates it. I do. Everyone has its own unique character diverse from the other. We are wonderfully and fearfully made by God who does small to big creatures. We are beautiful. There is nothing to be ashamed of. The old saying goes, “Physical appearance lasts but attitude doesn’t”. I believe that true beauty resides deep within our hearts. No matter how bad your ugly face is and the guy next to you disgust staring, ignore him. Never let people define you in the beauty standards of Earth where nothing is absolute but change. Tell those who laugh because of your weird hair, no-make-up look and chubby figure that they are mislaid with one thing-appreciation. Show them what you got that no one else could. Stay pretty without having to change your true you.

Shout and be proud-BEAUTY IS ME.

I Could Have Had It All

I Could Have Had It All

I write this blog entry soonest after I read a message on my e-mail:

When I saw how failure am the day I opened my e-mail, I don’t know what I should do. Cry? Or laugh and go with the flow? My hands were shaking and I can’t feel my thumbs typing on my computer. Soon, the screen became blurred. There was an inaudible sound. Everything went blank. I reached my phone to inform my group mates, spreading the bad news”: Hey, we didn’t make it to the finals”. No one replied. It was a relief neither anyone criticized the efforts we exerted. Unfortunately, I missed the best part-winning.

I appreciate the fact that I am no good at all. I am born to be unlucky. I have doubts of leading a group and possessing ground-breaker characteristics for the fear of losing…for the fear of becoming a major punches line on joke time. The agony remains unbearable in the past few days. I am afraid I might be scolded and sentenced on my flaws.

The greatest failure I committed. I always been pressuring myself to be the best I can that’s why here’s what I got.

Sometimes, success is not enough. It will only lift your spirit.

Sometimes, success is not enough. It will only lift your spirit.

When you fail, the first thing that registers to your mind is not coping. You will consider what could have been to avoid such misfortune. Eventually, I recovered. I used to stick to my mind that that day could have been one of the greatest frustrations I’ve had. Basically, it was. Soon, I meditate using the bible and communicate with my folks. I actually had a favorite inspirational quote from that experience:

“Work as if everything depended on you. Trust as if everything depended on God.”

Should I worry again when I stumble down instead of standing, dusting the dirt upon my dress? Maybe next time, prayer will do. Needless is it to sing, “I Could Have Had it All”. Right?

Running the Political Race

Election seems a boring conversation. Just about hearing the word makes anyone (including me) sleeps to death. Color coded political campaigns are posted on walls and streets indicating fanciful promises in case elected and even achievements fulfilled from the past. All the edited jingles, paraphernalia of politicians’ names and faces; media appearances and forums catch publics’ attention in selecting the right candidates for the vying positions. But are these aspiring public servants help us to choose best fit nominees to protect our country? Or, are they just expending tons of cash for marketing themselves in exchange for power and raining wealth from the pockets of Filipino citizens while cover coating?

2013 senatorial election is the same as any elections before. Interested parties file application, talk about campaign reforms, setting political ideologies and begging for votes. They will present what they have done for our country and what they can do for the future. Pleasant or unpleasant news about election, social pioneers can’t help to share their opinions to which they give their sides. Even religious administrations forward lists of who should be elected and not to their alliances encouraging mass voting. Albeit strong boost of peer groups and society will make us think of who is who, the significance of picking the right individual is contingent on the candidates’ running rally.

Start to your community and browse your environment by checking the candidates’ backgrounds. It is important to know where they came aside from the ideals of this person or party list. Even personal, social, cultural and psychological status must be considered in researching since these are aspects worth knowing. Personal could be relatively hidden as these candidates are also human. They need privacy, too. If runners came from well-known kin or political hierarchy, expect open secrets and issues. If disputes have large contributions in our country, e.g., corruption, tax evasion and unexplained project programs, this will likely affect our decisions. However, as much as we want to elect the entrants because of his future action plans, when he already marred his name because of controversies in the past, there will be negative connotation in the present. Chances could be given, but the disadvantage is what could have happened before might occur after. Candidates who belong on this category need to polish their names on its finest and prove more than what they essentially offer.

We need to remember how vital accomplishments and unresolved concerns of recent politicians are when they were on their position. Have they employed what they have promised? If so, how beneficial is it to people? Has it yield great effects and changes? Have these running candidates fulfilled their responsibilities and wisely utilized their resources? Weighing pros and cons could be a demanding task for a voter but will surely pay off in the long run.

You see, the election process is the time when we are required to open our eyes and understand that our country’s tomorrow lies on our votes. Because by doing so, we designate people with bad or good intentions; stealing money they never earned while we depend on what they have promised to us. Not all politicians pleased us of wonderful projects for they do it by works instead of words. Some will bombard us endless plans with no assurance, or appropriately say no means of achieving as they are only desperate to grab the position.

As a citizen, being observant can be a good start in choosing the politicians running in the race. Everyone is eager to win but only few deserve. And the duty to put these “deserve ones” on the precise places is through us.


What is Freedom when You can’t Have it?

Dainty Moments

I downloaded the photo from Google since it caught me off-guard when exploring for inspirational pictures. Dan Zadra, whose nation foremost creators of inspiring books and gifts. I would love to share this to my blog because recently, I received a freedom. No, I wasn’t imprisoned. What I mean is, I am free of the hassles lifted by academics; of pressure brought by competing and struggles in fighting for marks needed to attain diplomacy.

I may be in state of liberty after extensive solitary confinement but the battle, like any other, never ends. It keeps on going. And as much as I like running away from responsibilities, decision-making and excuses for doing what I should not; it will always haunt me in return.

Should I believe I exercise control over my life or I exist because I meant to follow rules on how I must run mine? Because 75% of my precious entity has been mandated by others-parents, acquaintances, peers, glossy magazines and detractors who try to wrecked the foundation I build for myself. “You alone are responsible for it”... Half-truth. Though, freedom is only a word invented along peace and happiness-simply a motivational description.

Generally speaking, it’s always Me, Myself and I who will judge forthcoming events best or worst; inevitable or not. People will lend hands to guide me but I am capable if I must adopt their supports. I need to drift with the streaming river until its water directs me to truly commit a life worth living.

Internship: A Sneak Peek to Corporate World

Watch your behavior: Just one of the strict regulations imposed on companies from entry level employees to top management CEO’s. It helps you know. When you’re drunk. But inside your office doing menial or arduous tasks? Dude…That’s like suicide-except your willingness to push such horrible act.

By the time I enter the premises of the office I had my on the job training with, I felt comfortable; less guilt of not throwing myself to the job I expected. Here in the Central Business District Makati- the perfect location for the answers of your career dreams-is where I started to unravel how difficult being an intern. You read it. It’s difficult. For traveling lengthy hours up to beating the deadlines of researching (thanks for the help of caffeine). Add the number of crowd gathered in the public transportation, waiting, where by the time you got your seats you were already at your destination. I experienced these stuff I once watched in movies. Those career Type-A women running with their files on their left hand and frappe on the other managing to get ahead of the time-they aren’t superficial. They mirrored some employees I’ve observed back when I was an intern.

Anyway, I enjoyed the ride despite inevitable circumstances. It’s the learning thoughts that made me appreciate how God will turn events against your favor because He wants it according to His plans. The hardships, those were afar from my expectations. Although, I focus on the positive side like my co-workers and super kind boss whom I never seen frown even if she’s totally pissed off on our submitted labor. I grade her A. Besides, I didn’t admit research is sort of dull but I started to embrace it because of her!

Lastly, I’m going to miss everyone a lot. And the fun shared with them is something I will carry on when I’m gone here.