The Perks of being a Cancer Fighter

The Girl in Between

First of all, I am not a cancer survivor sharing inspirational story of battling the non-euphoric sickness. Second, I wasn’t diagnosed with a life-threatening illness…as of now. Safe? Maybe.Still, the game is not over. I have numbered days of existence in which I could not fathom if I am going to be sick or not-or if I would acquire melanoma, leukemia and breast tumor in the latter fragment of my being.

So, why am I writing this?

I lost two loved ones because of cancer. Both of them were my granddad. I didn’t witness my lolo’s demise (my father’s father) since I was young and innocent to understand the cause of his death. I was 15 years old when another lolo of mine (mom’s stepfather) discovered he has lung ailment which later developed to a lung cancer.

Of course, the pain feels agonizing during the treatment process. I can’t bear…

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The Perks of being a Cancer Fighter

First of all, I am not a cancer survivor sharing inspirational story of battling the non-euphoric sickness. Second, I wasn’t diagnosed with a life-threatening illness…as of now. Safe? Maybe.Still, the game is not over. I have numbered days of existence in which I could not fathom if I am going to be sick or not-or if I would acquire melanoma, leukemia and breast tumor in the latter fragment of my being.

So, why am I writing this?

I lost two loved ones because of cancer. Both of them were my granddad. I didn’t witness my lolo’s demise (my father’s father) since I was young and innocent to understand the cause of his death. I was 15 years old when another lolo of mine (mom’s stepfather) discovered he has lung ailment which later developed to a lung cancer.

Of course, the pain feels agonizing during the treatment process. I can’t bear seeing my grandfather’s frail condition; suffering in what people tagged as the “little killer of the society”. He was hospitalized for five to seven months with a medical team working to cure the malignant tumor inside his lungs. Expensive medicines pacify the growing discomfort inside him but the time came when he could no longer fight the excruciating ache and his body already reached its limits. It was August then when he passed away.

Anyone fears having illness especially cancer and admittedly, it is scary. Who would have wanted to be part of the increasing number every minute of positive patients? That’s why several people tried hard to prevent the occurrence of symptoms. We despise cancer.It will hinder our work performance, affiliation and fulfillment of dreams let alone the mounting expenditures needed to finance the treatment. Worst, there will be a few showering pity and grievances close to an advance funeral setting. Also, we don’t want to lose grip from our family and friends.

However, the most frightening part of cancer is not the sickness itself-it is how life goes on after being diagnosed with an estimated living time. Others simply wait for their death-completely shutting the world against them-and gradually killing themselves by isolation and depression.The more we thinkit as a destroyer, why not alter our viewpoint to somewhat positive: cancer as a sort of unsolicited gift with minimal perks entail on it. Sounds absurd and consoling-but one reason to celebrate for a thousand reasons to weep may not be bad after all.

Cancer fighters could be tired of being sick, of thinking their life as a waste and burden of other people’s lives. But good news, they have a choice to stop mourning; only a chance of spending valuable time with their loved ones; have the power to sleep at night with peace of mind instead of waking up in bed on wee hours figuring out ways to medicate their sickness. The ultimate purpose of the “gifted cancer patients” must continue. One day, when they are cured, they turned out to be stronger than ever and be an inspiration of many to look forward. Cancer would have been better though compared to a sudden death. By this, patients can likely relieve the moments of youth, ask forgiveness from those they have hurt, splurge to the acquaintance of their relatives and try activities they never dared to do. A probability of living free from cancer is still possible.

Honestly, sickness can control our physical engagements, weaken our body’s abilities and diminish our strength-but it shouldn’t consume our whole life unless we let it. As Augustus Waters of “The Fault in Our Stars” says it, “You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.”

Again, why am I writing this? So we can appreciate little things the world brings-even when cancer deprives someone to feel like it.

Today, my Mom undergoes a routine mammogram due to hereditary breast cancer that snapped out the life of my aunties. Should I be afraid to what could happen next? I will give a yes for an answer. Nevertheless, I keep reminding myself how fortunate we are for a short period our family has devoted together. At least, we’re prepared. No element of unexpected events will surprise us identical to car tragedy, abrupt disaster in the middle of a busy day and whatsoever. I will wake up morning by morning going tougher and tougher. And time will come when it seems there wasn’t any cancer in our home anymore. Through prayers and support, we believe the best for her health regardless of what the outcome will be.

If there was one lesson I remember during my lolo’s confinement, it is to live life to the fullest. Cancer would not make anyone less of a person or even less of a normal human. Yes, a bit different but not entirely. They can still love, enjoy nature, see sun rises and sets; laugh and have fun in a while.Life is not measured or weigh through longevity of existence in this temporal world; but by how we treasure time and make the most out of it that truly matters.

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Bucket List 101: Start life at 20 (?)

Reaching 20 something: lovin’ the feeling of being young, wild and free. The phase tagged as the exploration stage of a lady in the brink of womanhood. Say hello to killer stilettos and hoorah! to the latest make-up worn. Attending corporate night parties, check. Slumber parties with sweet tea cups, erase it already! Just like a metamorphosis, 20 something is the cycle where the cocoon starts to unleash the cover wrapped within it. This entails a wonderful butterfly ready to flap its wings and fly. Welcome to the world of maturity and growing up part 2.

Despite of hardships, 20 is just the perfect time to feel even younger, vibrant and absolutely independent-with less don’t’s in trying and more will’s to go forward. Yes, maybe, I can live my life to the fullest starting right of this moment.

I am making my bucket list, or let say, list of do’s and musts before leaving teenage years and finally step foot on the unknown ground of what waits ahead. And honestly, sharing this to my blog would not only satisfy me; it will put a smile on my face, too.

1.      1.  Less Tears, More Cheers –Avoid fretting when a sudden bad news came ruining your wonderful day. Before the sun sets in the horizon, remember one happiest moment you can’t forget that will surely draw a smirk on you. Smiling under troubles is free unlike crying that creates desolated mood. Today, I’ll refrain posting comments or status in my social media sites expressing sad feelings. I’ll ignore all hateful things and cursive stuff I hear on the radio when I’m off to work in the morning. By this, I wouldn’t breathe and share undesirable matters that ignorant people care to think of.


         2.  (Don’t) Mind Busy– I’ve been struggling to overcome depression, worry and fear of living under mediocrity. Competing is what keeps me going because it supplies adrenaline rush and most importantly, a sense of worth-that I am not like any other who just give a damn okay when someone asks “how’s your day?”. Though, I realized acting busy is different to being busy with real work to finish. Also, competition is healthy as long as it does not wreck your personal relationship and career. So, stop telling “I’m always busy”; when the truth surfaces, you have time to unwind.

1.    3. Gotta keep head high– I’m talking about how one keeps his eyes straight to the target even after a major setback or critics from enemies. It doesn’t mean arrogance or not accepting one’s defeat. It’s standing tall when things easily fall. Remember where you started, learn from the mistake and move on. Don’t depend highly on hearsay from people who believe less of your capabilities.

4. Loosen the corset, have a drink– Haymitch from Hunger Games once dropped these words when Effie Trinket reprimanded Katniss because of losing her temper in front of the Game Makers. Effie gets high blood; afraid of unpleasant results from Katniss malevolence. But what she doesn’t know is that the real guts displayed by Katniss to the Game Makers will help her lead the top instead of pulling her down. Sometimes, we overthink and worry from showing our true colors. Yet, lesson learned from Effie, maybe, we need to simply sit down, relax and enjoy the ride. Nothing beats being oneself and that is the best character ever.

2.     5.Explore!–  Stop wasting any single day trying to think what could have been or what if’s. Wanna try this awesome adventure people are dying to try? Having hard time to ask a guy if you could go out together? If we have the guts to make things happen, make it. Nike’s famous brand tagline? Just do it.


6. Be humble– One of my favorite verses in the bible reflects humility and patience. In Luke verse 11, Jesus said, “Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” I gain confidence memorizing this proverb thinking how boastfulness can lead me to nothing. Whatever position we have now, don’t forget where we came-either on top or from rock bottom.

2.  7. Push your dreams and exceed limits– Nick Vujicic is born without arms and legs but it didn’t hinder him to strive. He relied on God’s grace and grew from the reason of his existence. He once thought he was helpless and decided to commit suicide. Imagine, if he killed himself by drowning to a bath tub, would he be sharing spiritual messages to millions of people living with disabilities and soon become an inspiration of many?

Don’t underestimate your dreams that it’s not like the others who can multi-hyphenate. Every person has their own strength and how they enhance and use it depends on their actions.

3.     8. Discover and don’t stop learning– Never put a dot to what you can achieve and will succeed. After our college graduation, a friend of mine said she will continue her studies when landed her first job so she could update her knowledge on the course we have finished. Really, what a wonderful decision! Learning doesn’t stop from the four walls of classroom and should never be. Don’t confine to studying lessons. Learn from them and cultivate.


Ideas are strong. Seriously.

4.    9. Write a book– I have always enjoyed reading and writing ever since I was a child. These two hobbies of mine value my time and make me feel productive. I learned so much from reading children books to inspirational novels and variety of magazines. And when I’m surmounted with invariable concepts and ideas, I write it down. Until now, I dream to become a novelist or writer to encourage people. I think of myself developing the next Jodi Picoult or the greatest J.K Rowling readers have ever seen. Writing a book will do but it’s not the fame I look up to. It’s the lasting fulfillment of letting people know why passion and dreams are worth pushing through. (read #7)

5.     10. Live M-T-W-T-F-S-S as if it’s the LAST.- Today, wake up and utter short prayer. Then go to work like it’s your last day at the company. Ensure to efficiently toil; avoiding rants and whines when added up with extra labor from boss. Laugh with co-workers while throwing some sense of humor. Refresh from the daily grind by vanishing negativity and exhaling positive vibes. I say YOLO is the acronym to define this statement.

Think that there’s no tomorrow. So we live the day without wasting any single second. I don’t mean to stop resting and keep partying all day. What I wanted for everyone reading this is, cliché it may sound, but, life is too short. So, run the extra mile and test how far can you go to run the world.


Any advices stated above can be anyone’s mantra. To make the story short, live to become one of the most fulfilled human leading a simple being and you will realize that life can start at 20 and the years to come.

It Only Takes 45 Minutes to Change a Life

A smile can change forever.

What if, we’re deprived with the ability to show our feelings using our facial expression? What if, they wouldn’t be able to light their candles on their first birthdays and passing?

As a corporate social responsibility of the company I was working with, we were tasked to be a volunteer of the day-for the surgical mission of 50 chosen cleft palate patients.  Admittedly, I was fortunate to help them in as much as they are thankful for our support.

One of my primary responsibilities are to assist patients before the operation; to include in my jobs are  take photos of the cleft palate children and roam around the hospital’s corridor to act as runner. Most of the shots taken are happy appearances from their hopeful faces; clueless of the unknown reality lurking among them. I and my fellow volunteers continued to lend our hands while for the passing 45 minutes; one child is given a second chance to live a normal life. A blissfully simple life awaits these young ones which were once robbed from them because of their unlikely condition.


For the first time of my existence, I personally encountered a healed cleft palate 4-year old baby. Even if his eyes were gleamed with tears and the wound from his newly-operated mouth are still so fresh; his father, proudly carrying him, smiled widely filled with indescribable gratitude. I can sense his happiness. I just can’t emotionally attach myself since they need more strength instead of sympathy.


These children have deeply touched my heart in ways I can’t explain and write in my blog. I have undergone several volunteers from the past. But Operation Smile mission has increased my appreciation on God’s given talents and blessings to me. I felt so lucky of being normal despite of trying hard to become physically perfect.

A child’s smile is wonderful because it paints thousands of arts and draws millions of words nothing could ever repay and replace. I wish I could extend my willingly free effort and time to other volunteer groups out there and continue exploring for possibilities of helping.

For more information, visit and find out more how your touch can create a lasting impact.

On Perks of Being a Wallflower Novel: Representation of Today’s Youth

Charlie’s character maybe dynamic. But he reflects true to life stories of teenagers undergoing on the adolescence stage with psychological problems of sort.

After finishing the short novel of Perks of being a Wallflower with the narration of Charlie’s tale on a diary form, I was bit bewildered and amazed: amazed for surviving middle school with emotional heaps from a guy like him; bewildered for the reason of not getting the exact point of author’s view on his writings.


Looking on the brighter side, there was a sense of reminiscing middle school. As a platonic obsessive compulsive person I am, earning friends was not a problem to me. The real dilemma transpires from filtering the real ones from the fakers-or those who befriend you because they smell your competencies as an asset on which they can benefit from. And sorting good friends was a dutiful task especially when surrounded with bad influential pretentious pals along the road. It’s a good sign Charlie was able to meet Sam and Patrick. Though at some point, I get a knock they brought danger to Charlie for the pot session and getting started with cigarette.

Any teenager experienced peer pressure. Charlie was not an exception. He recounts his dealing method on situations like hardcore partying, teenage romance, studies, fitting in the society, family issues and problem solving of his own. His youth phase embraces the precise time of decision making that may inflict or complicate his life. Yet, as the subversion surfaces, so does his hidden personality disorder and previous childhood memories which has great impact on his present relationship with everyone.

Contrary to what others may think, the fresh imaginings of the book portrays reality teenage happenings. The setting is for youngster, yes,but Perks of being a Wallflower is timely. Readers will remember the time when they were at this age, or currently at this stageand would ask themselves if they have joined such prank and wild activities depicted on the story.

As the latter part arises, I got confused from the simultaneous changes of Charlie writing on his journal. There were evidences of lacking sense on his recent involvement from a group fight, the death of his favorite Aunt and important events from his school. I was anticipating much deeper exhilarating kink as I go near the end. I didn’t recognize unless I’ve read the part of Charlie driving down the tunnel with his friends almost saying adieu.

Charlie blends like a chameleon and becoming equal with this animal is like putting a flower on the wall-everyone sees you transparently. You are there but you don’t exist. He lives through passing by events as if he wasn’t present and joining bunch of seniors without knowing what he will do and not. Some may think he’s a freak; others have judged him weird and coward for not stepping out of his shell to protect himself. But one thing is for certain of his identity, self-improvement despite of difficulties faced by his upbringing. He may be physically frail, but the border once bounded with fears were destroyed to show how emotionally resilient he truly is.

The lesson we can learn on the book shaping youth’s today era is facing reality instead of fleeing the whole story without managing to put up a battle. We utilize our time trying to gain confidence from doing “cool stuff” when in fact, it makes us dumber than before. We suit in to catch up what we’re missing: only to discover we’re not exclusively entitled to try because our age says we’re too young to waste our time thinking how to do this and that. It takes a ripe mango to be eaten and a matured Charlie to grow. Youth must understand drugs, sex, booze and popularity were just a fling of middle school; but it should never be completely part of your life nor could be the definition of who you are.


Why You Must Not Date Your Best Friend’s Ex

Admit it, gals; your bestie’s guy is hot. His presence makes you tense and you’re laughing with his not-so-funny jokes so he would recognize your witty personality. You talk a lot almost about everything and it seems incomparable; compatible for each other even. But then, reality is just few miles with your best friend telling, “He’s mine. All mine”.

Until one day, they broke up; leaving you torn between two emotions: half-heartedly sad for your friend while wholly jumping with bliss for his taken “guy” now turned “ex”.  When encountering such scenario, should you be the good sympathetic best friend? Or seize it as a go signal to finally reveal the admiration you once hid from within?

Here are the lists why dating “him” can mark you as rebound on the love game and worst, ruin your friendship with your best pal.

1.       Not a happy ever after always. Just because he looks appealing outside and gentleman on the inside doesn’t mean you can work your relationship the fairy tale way without forging to any love mishaps.

2.       Many fishes in the sea. Opt for better ones aside from him. Though men vary in terms of characters, we can’t deny the fact that there are still tons of boys who can win your heart without any records of marring any of your closest friends’ feelings. Try to distinguish him when it comes to talents, physical capabilities, inner qualities and interpersonal skills and you’ll find out; maybe, he wasn’t exactly the one you’re dreaming to be with.

3.       Talk of the town. To add beef on the break-up issue, you’ll be the center of naysayers’ comments and backstabbing. You realize you’ve become liable and now contemplated as the third party for the relationship failure. You actually wanna fight back and cover your ass, but the evidences were so strong of you dating him that none of those whom you have explained believes on what you say.

4.       Immeasurable Comparison. I mean it girls: guys have tendencies to adopt “differential equation” thing. So, it’s either you prove your worth to not be easily compared to your best friend or you flow with the current. When dating him starts, he will spot your favorite pop songs, your hateful algebra, your hobbies and many more. If he’s into sports and you’re not; and your best friend spends the whole day with him playing hopscotch and Wimbledon, you’re dead. You’ll get disappointed for not liking what he enjoys and vice versa. There’s a possibility he’ll end up searching what’s missing to you that he expects to see. Sooner or later, you’ll be stuck performing what you usually don’t and you’re chasing to become identical with your best friend.

I do believe everyone has their own differences and it’s up to us on how we will express our peculiarities. If he can’t accept for what you are and don’t; and pressure begins to reach your nerves, it’s best to reconsider things before it’s too late.

5.       Best friend or Boyfriend?Remember, friendship can never be replaced but boyfriend can. Having to open a relationship with a guy your friend has past memories with will create potential avoidance instead of building rapport in the future. Awkward moments will likely occur between the two whenever you invite them for occasional gatherings.Don’t sacrifice your friendship over him no matter how deep you have fallen into.

If you can’t control the situation, have an intimate talk to your best friend and explain stuff in details but courteous way. Make sure she’s currently moving on with the stiffness of the break-up and ready to recap things to refrain from any misunderstandings later on.

Before you accept his proposal…..

Ask for the reason of break-up. Is it the guy’s or girl’s fault? If he does, was he able to save their relationship or make up for the fault he committed? If she’s to blame, what steps have she completed to resolve the concerns? Delve deeper if everything was a fanciful show to impress you for falling on his trap and leave you unexpectedly broken-hearted.

Hungry for HUNGER GAMES 2: Catching Fire

After what seems a year for the release of Hunger Games, the sequel, Catching Fire is soon to arrive with bolder revelations and unexpected chills that will surely glued everyone to their seats. Fans of the movie will appear back to the killer game that started it all.

Good thing, I did finish the 2nd book of Hunger Games trilogy satisfied and astonishment filled. I can’t wait to watch the motion pictureand envisage the characters sucking the enemies with their oh-so gutsy spirit on a hell-like battle for survival.


I was deeply carried away when I finished the last chapter of the book. It sort of a reminder of the success Harry Potter embraced. The overflowing creativity of the author surfaces on another journey of Katniss and Peeta together with their mentors and other memorable characters.

Still speechless and can’t get enough of what I’ve read, let me share some insights readers and audience will expect to the most awaited Catching Fire.


Let the Game Begins

As the Quarter Quell starts for another tremendous opening of 75th Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta were again forced to return to arena. Achievers of previous games will gather to bout for death and glory. The rules of the competition become stricter; challenges become even harder. There’s huge chance of dying and less probability in winning. In the end, it’s always a sole tribute who will bring home the bacon.

The greater risks welcome all tributes leaving the odds less favorable on our protagonists. Their enemies target them as prey whereas they quarry their rivalries.

However, chaos in other districts threatens the Capitol: thus, perceiving the upheaval as wreaking havoc against the government.  Katniss sees escapism as an answer to her fears by turning away from President Snow’s dictatorship on the games and controlling her personal life.

Unstoppable suspense, almost realistic fighting tricks and intense exploitation written in imaginative details are some of the must-watch aspects of the movie.

Cashmere Gloss

Cashmere Gloss

Finnick Odair

Enobaria and Brutus

Enobaria and Brutus

Wiress and Beetee

Wiress and Beetee

New Characters: Friends or Foes?

In addition to Hunger Games team are the preamble of fresh individuals like Finnick Odair, Wiress and Beetee, Plutarch Heavensbee, Enobaria and many other known on their belligerent skills and innovative talents. These renowned figures will likely bring luck or failure to our main characters while Katniss struggles to kill each of them.


Love Knows No Boundaries

Torn between two lovers is really a box office sale in every story. Before, Katniss was determined to win the Hunger Games to come back alive for her family and childhood friend turned sweetheart, Gale. This time, she planned to sacrifice her life in return to save Peeta; which could also reveal hurting and leaving Gale behind.

There were abundance of sweet thoughts exchanged during the toughest moments of Katniss and Peeta. We’ll recognize an unusual kind of love team here. No more pretensions, guilt and feelings to hide any longer. The star crossed lover of District 12 is finally unleashing the true colors of their emotions. And what the love affair once been tagged as simply a “show” to audience became their fighting armor to undermine their adversaries and defeat the game alive.

The question is, would Katniss’ decision suffice the fate awaiting both herself and the one she loves? What does it really mean to give up the one who means the world to you?

Run, Katniss, Run!

Being smart is never enough to win. The games attest that even the most intelligent player will be victimized than those of practically skilled and hardship trained. Because of luring traps and deadly connivance surrounding Katniss and Peeta, sudden alliance was formed to surpass the unforeseen fatal surprises from Head Game maker. The help of these new members of the team made the trials ahead predictable and brainstorming ideas create logical possibilities of what the game was all about. Learning to hop swiftly, flight furiously, run swiftly while thinking aggressively were listed on our tributes to-do tips on enduring sadistic killings inside the field.

If we try to connect the dots of moral lessons and lucidity in arrears of the story, much deeper and reasonable huge similarities will be comparedon our today’s generation. Plainly, the author doesn’t only offer us action of fancy games putting the characters’ life to gravest danger. Reality is being defined on Katniss’ existence. The Games and Capitol portrays our present situation where everything purportedly mandated by political officials.

Get a tight grip in flying your imagination to the most provocative and adrenaline rush tournament you’ll ever read. Have a dose of actions created to exceed your limits. Be prepared and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Just Kissed Dating Goodbye

Just when you thought love stories and books teaching lessons on how to handle relationship is enough to give you vitamins about the loops and hoops of commitment, well, think again.

Don't commit into relationship when you're not yet ready

Don’t commit into relationship when you’re not yet ready

I bought “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” simply because the title attracts my attention. Period. I’ve seen and heard the book as many times I could remember-at social networking sites, word-of-mouth and recommended gotta-have-it from magazines. It came to the point when I just the grab IKDG and flip the pages completely clueless and curiosity hungry. I need to silence the questioning thought inside me. So, I bought it.

Let me tell you that the book is not written conservatively for old-fashioned people lived in traditional time where everyone is mandated to follow beyond their agreements. Aggressive and philosophical readers would mind the author’s advices because it doesn’t conform to the world’s norms. Basically, Joshua Harris didn’t set it himself. He based his instructions on relationship between opposite sex in God’s biblical perspectives. Say what? Dating in bible’s own understanding?  I don’t believe it. That’s what makes the book entirely unlike any other romantic novels filled with smitten couples and happy endings. It will screw one’s belief into worldly outlook of dating.

The messages relayed were straight to the point. Could you not date at all for the sake of waiting the right guy or girl at the right time? How could you do it when the only way to find is to date? Somehow, it’s ironic, but the author explains reasons and tells stories why dating raises complicated relationship issues instead of sorting out. You’ll be amazed on the impact it will leave you after reading the half chapters; making you think, is it worth the try giving up the search for potential boy/girlfriend?

Let’s move to singleness topic. Do you feel you were designed to stay single for the rest of your life? Or to shorten, just for the rest of your teenage years? Kind of outdated, of course. The book has organized its answers but brace yourself for some thoughts you wouldn’t imagine. No guidelines or tricks prepared for luring guys to fall head over heels to you. Numbered tips and rules in modern courtship are absent.

Would you find empty pages because of the review I share? My answer is no. Then what in the world should I buy it when I will only be disappointed for not finding what I want? The truth is, I Kissed Dating Goodbye is not what you want because it is what you need. What you want is to hear fanciful promises about prince charming and princesses far beyond reality. The book offers exactly the essentials you might need to read about relationship since it states fact purposefully and not just scientific hypothesis or theory.

IKDG didn’t bring me down. I believe, it will to you. I expect nothing but I got almost everything-from tiniest details to bigger picture-of what a Christian example must I apply to my existence specifically in handling my own rapport towards opposite sex.

Not yet purchasing one? Don’t let opportunity flies once you see the book lying on the shelf of a bookstore nearest to you. Or else, you could miss half the part of what God promises in your lovelife.

Wolverine Is Back: For Good or for Worst?


I was so pleased to received free ticket to the most awaited comeback of Logan to the big screen after hitting the last sequel of X-Men 3 and the movie with the same title.

I watched Wolverine sponsored by the company I am currently working with. Excited much, relishing the moment before the film began. I wasn’t able to see the trailer or perceived any buzz, so I get the hunch it will be painstakingly awesome.


Surprisingly, there was an inclusion of Japanese ninjas and less participation from fellow mutants. Wolverine is now playing as a protector in the human arena when in fact; the case he struggles to fight is manageable by the authorities. The story is about the Japanese royal family whom the heiress’ grandfather has been helped by Logan long time ago during world war. Due to terrible condition, the soldier/grandfather, after years became affluent and powerful in Japan goes bedridden, seeks help to her grandchild to look for Logan. Not long after they met, he died and left his abundant riches to his granddaughter. During the soldier’s interment, Wolverine sensed differently; only to find out that the heiress life is absolutely in grave danger.

The action now revolves on searching and looking for answers on why the girl was being stalked and planned to kidnap by unidentified strangers. Logan lends his hands for protection and soon fell in love to the Japanese heiress.

The rest before the ending was perceptible. I find the story lacking deeper effects to impressed audience because of the plot very preordained. Wolverine was combined to interfere with humans, I agree; but not in this vague action scenario because this could be gripped by someone like James Bond or the guy, Jason Bourne. It’s the same when we mix Indiana Jones to slog with Avengers: confusion hits viewers they have diverse abilities and key competencies to save our world. So does Wolverine. He has his strength not to become a police on Earth but to battle as what he is deemed to be in the place where he now belongs. He is created, even only in the form of comic entertainment, as a super transmuted hero minus the costume.

I believe that if we to execute stories in movies, best to shape the plot based on target viewers’ expectations and understandings on icon’s forte and vulnerabilities. Like Tony Stark. We know how far he could go because of the limitations set on filming Iron Man.

When we’re talking about Wolverine, we’re referring to mutants and the first thing registers to our minds is his prowess and killing fists of claws. He did portray these features to the movie which was applauding, really. Yet, these new franchise of Wolverine possessed no hint of relation to his past nor does it have contributions to his identity.

I get to grade it fair, anyway.

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