Bucket List 101: Start life at 20 (?)

Reaching 20 something: lovin’ the feeling of being young, wild and free. The phase tagged as the exploration stage of a lady in the brink of womanhood. Say hello to killer stilettos and hoorah! to the latest make-up worn. Attending corporate night parties, check. Slumber parties with sweet tea cups, erase it already! Just like a metamorphosis, 20 something is the cycle where the cocoon starts to unleash the cover wrapped within it. This entails a wonderful butterfly ready to flap its wings and fly. Welcome to the world of maturity and growing up part 2.

Despite of hardships, 20 is just the perfect time to feel even younger, vibrant and absolutely independent-with less don’t’s in trying and more will’s to go forward. Yes, maybe, I can live my life to the fullest starting right of this moment.

I am making my bucket list, or let say, list of do’s and musts before leaving teenage years and finally step foot on the unknown ground of what waits ahead. And honestly, sharing this to my blog would not only satisfy me; it will put a smile on my face, too.

1.      1.  Less Tears, More Cheers –Avoid fretting when a sudden bad news came ruining your wonderful day. Before the sun sets in the horizon, remember one happiest moment you can’t forget that will surely draw a smirk on you. Smiling under troubles is free unlike crying that creates desolated mood. Today, I’ll refrain posting comments or status in my social media sites expressing sad feelings. I’ll ignore all hateful things and cursive stuff I hear on the radio when I’m off to work in the morning. By this, I wouldn’t breathe and share undesirable matters that ignorant people care to think of.


         2.  (Don’t) Mind Busy– I’ve been struggling to overcome depression, worry and fear of living under mediocrity. Competing is what keeps me going because it supplies adrenaline rush and most importantly, a sense of worth-that I am not like any other who just give a damn okay when someone asks “how’s your day?”. Though, I realized acting busy is different to being busy with real work to finish. Also, competition is healthy as long as it does not wreck your personal relationship and career. So, stop telling “I’m always busy”; when the truth surfaces, you have time to unwind.

1.    3. Gotta keep head high– I’m talking about how one keeps his eyes straight to the target even after a major setback or critics from enemies. It doesn’t mean arrogance or not accepting one’s defeat. It’s standing tall when things easily fall. Remember where you started, learn from the mistake and move on. Don’t depend highly on hearsay from people who believe less of your capabilities.

4. Loosen the corset, have a drink– Haymitch from Hunger Games once dropped these words when Effie Trinket reprimanded Katniss because of losing her temper in front of the Game Makers. Effie gets high blood; afraid of unpleasant results from Katniss malevolence. But what she doesn’t know is that the real guts displayed by Katniss to the Game Makers will help her lead the top instead of pulling her down. Sometimes, we overthink and worry from showing our true colors. Yet, lesson learned from Effie, maybe, we need to simply sit down, relax and enjoy the ride. Nothing beats being oneself and that is the best character ever.

2.     5.Explore!–  Stop wasting any single day trying to think what could have been or what if’s. Wanna try this awesome adventure people are dying to try? Having hard time to ask a guy if you could go out together? If we have the guts to make things happen, make it. Nike’s famous brand tagline? Just do it.


6. Be humble– One of my favorite verses in the bible reflects humility and patience. In Luke verse 11, Jesus said, “Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” I gain confidence memorizing this proverb thinking how boastfulness can lead me to nothing. Whatever position we have now, don’t forget where we came-either on top or from rock bottom.

2.  7. Push your dreams and exceed limits– Nick Vujicic is born without arms and legs but it didn’t hinder him to strive. He relied on God’s grace and grew from the reason of his existence. He once thought he was helpless and decided to commit suicide. Imagine, if he killed himself by drowning to a bath tub, would he be sharing spiritual messages to millions of people living with disabilities and soon become an inspiration of many?

Don’t underestimate your dreams that it’s not like the others who can multi-hyphenate. Every person has their own strength and how they enhance and use it depends on their actions.

3.     8. Discover and don’t stop learning– Never put a dot to what you can achieve and will succeed. After our college graduation, a friend of mine said she will continue her studies when landed her first job so she could update her knowledge on the course we have finished. Really, what a wonderful decision! Learning doesn’t stop from the four walls of classroom and should never be. Don’t confine to studying lessons. Learn from them and cultivate.


Ideas are strong. Seriously.

4.    9. Write a book– I have always enjoyed reading and writing ever since I was a child. These two hobbies of mine value my time and make me feel productive. I learned so much from reading children books to inspirational novels and variety of magazines. And when I’m surmounted with invariable concepts and ideas, I write it down. Until now, I dream to become a novelist or writer to encourage people. I think of myself developing the next Jodi Picoult or the greatest J.K Rowling readers have ever seen. Writing a book will do but it’s not the fame I look up to. It’s the lasting fulfillment of letting people know why passion and dreams are worth pushing through. (read #7)

5.     10. Live M-T-W-T-F-S-S as if it’s the LAST.- Today, wake up and utter short prayer. Then go to work like it’s your last day at the company. Ensure to efficiently toil; avoiding rants and whines when added up with extra labor from boss. Laugh with co-workers while throwing some sense of humor. Refresh from the daily grind by vanishing negativity and exhaling positive vibes. I say YOLO is the acronym to define this statement.

Think that there’s no tomorrow. So we live the day without wasting any single second. I don’t mean to stop resting and keep partying all day. What I wanted for everyone reading this is, cliché it may sound, but, life is too short. So, run the extra mile and test how far can you go to run the world.


Any advices stated above can be anyone’s mantra. To make the story short, live to become one of the most fulfilled human leading a simple being and you will realize that life can start at 20 and the years to come.