It Only Takes 45 Minutes to Change a Life

A smile can change forever.

What if, we’re deprived with the ability to show our feelings using our facial expression? What if, they wouldn’t be able to light their candles on their first birthdays and passing?

As a corporate social responsibility of the company I was working with, we were tasked to be a volunteer of the day-for the surgical mission of 50 chosen cleft palate patients.  Admittedly, I was fortunate to help them in as much as they are thankful for our support.

One of my primary responsibilities are to assist patients before the operation; to include in my jobs are  take photos of the cleft palate children and roam around the hospital’s corridor to act as runner. Most of the shots taken are happy appearances from their hopeful faces; clueless of the unknown reality lurking among them. I and my fellow volunteers continued to lend our hands while for the passing 45 minutes; one child is given a second chance to live a normal life. A blissfully simple life awaits these young ones which were once robbed from them because of their unlikely condition.


For the first time of my existence, I personally encountered a healed cleft palate 4-year old baby. Even if his eyes were gleamed with tears and the wound from his newly-operated mouth are still so fresh; his father, proudly carrying him, smiled widely filled with indescribable gratitude. I can sense his happiness. I just can’t emotionally attach myself since they need more strength instead of sympathy.


These children have deeply touched my heart in ways I can’t explain and write in my blog. I have undergone several volunteers from the past. But Operation Smile mission has increased my appreciation on God’s given talents and blessings to me. I felt so lucky of being normal despite of trying hard to become physically perfect.

A child’s smile is wonderful because it paints thousands of arts and draws millions of words nothing could ever repay and replace. I wish I could extend my willingly free effort and time to other volunteer groups out there and continue exploring for possibilities of helping.

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