On Perks of Being a Wallflower Novel: Representation of Today’s Youth

Charlie’s character maybe dynamic. But he reflects true to life stories of teenagers undergoing on the adolescence stage with psychological problems of sort.

After finishing the short novel of Perks of being a Wallflower with the narration of Charlie’s tale on a diary form, I was bit bewildered and amazed: amazed for surviving middle school with emotional heaps from a guy like him; bewildered for the reason of not getting the exact point of author’s view on his writings.


Looking on the brighter side, there was a sense of reminiscing middle school. As a platonic obsessive compulsive person I am, earning friends was not a problem to me. The real dilemma transpires from filtering the real ones from the fakers-or those who befriend you because they smell your competencies as an asset on which they can benefit from. And sorting good friends was a dutiful task especially when surrounded with bad influential pretentious pals along the road. It’s a good sign Charlie was able to meet Sam and Patrick. Though at some point, I get a knock they brought danger to Charlie for the pot session and getting started with cigarette.

Any teenager experienced peer pressure. Charlie was not an exception. He recounts his dealing method on situations like hardcore partying, teenage romance, studies, fitting in the society, family issues and problem solving of his own. His youth phase embraces the precise time of decision making that may inflict or complicate his life. Yet, as the subversion surfaces, so does his hidden personality disorder and previous childhood memories which has great impact on his present relationship with everyone.

Contrary to what others may think, the fresh imaginings of the book portrays reality teenage happenings. The setting is for youngster, yes,but Perks of being a Wallflower is timely. Readers will remember the time when they were at this age, or currently at this stageand would ask themselves if they have joined such prank and wild activities depicted on the story.

As the latter part arises, I got confused from the simultaneous changes of Charlie writing on his journal. There were evidences of lacking sense on his recent involvement from a group fight, the death of his favorite Aunt and important events from his school. I was anticipating much deeper exhilarating kink as I go near the end. I didn’t recognize unless I’ve read the part of Charlie driving down the tunnel with his friends almost saying adieu.

Charlie blends like a chameleon and becoming equal with this animal is like putting a flower on the wall-everyone sees you transparently. You are there but you don’t exist. He lives through passing by events as if he wasn’t present and joining bunch of seniors without knowing what he will do and not. Some may think he’s a freak; others have judged him weird and coward for not stepping out of his shell to protect himself. But one thing is for certain of his identity, self-improvement despite of difficulties faced by his upbringing. He may be physically frail, but the border once bounded with fears were destroyed to show how emotionally resilient he truly is.

The lesson we can learn on the book shaping youth’s today era is facing reality instead of fleeing the whole story without managing to put up a battle. We utilize our time trying to gain confidence from doing “cool stuff” when in fact, it makes us dumber than before. We suit in to catch up what we’re missing: only to discover we’re not exclusively entitled to try because our age says we’re too young to waste our time thinking how to do this and that. It takes a ripe mango to be eaten and a matured Charlie to grow. Youth must understand drugs, sex, booze and popularity were just a fling of middle school; but it should never be completely part of your life nor could be the definition of who you are.



Why You Must Not Date Your Best Friend’s Ex

Admit it, gals; your bestie’s guy is hot. His presence makes you tense and you’re laughing with his not-so-funny jokes so he would recognize your witty personality. You talk a lot almost about everything and it seems incomparable; compatible for each other even. But then, reality is just few miles with your best friend telling, “He’s mine. All mine”.

Until one day, they broke up; leaving you torn between two emotions: half-heartedly sad for your friend while wholly jumping with bliss for his taken “guy” now turned “ex”.  When encountering such scenario, should you be the good sympathetic best friend? Or seize it as a go signal to finally reveal the admiration you once hid from within?

Here are the lists why dating “him” can mark you as rebound on the love game and worst, ruin your friendship with your best pal.

1.       Not a happy ever after always. Just because he looks appealing outside and gentleman on the inside doesn’t mean you can work your relationship the fairy tale way without forging to any love mishaps.

2.       Many fishes in the sea. Opt for better ones aside from him. Though men vary in terms of characters, we can’t deny the fact that there are still tons of boys who can win your heart without any records of marring any of your closest friends’ feelings. Try to distinguish him when it comes to talents, physical capabilities, inner qualities and interpersonal skills and you’ll find out; maybe, he wasn’t exactly the one you’re dreaming to be with.

3.       Talk of the town. To add beef on the break-up issue, you’ll be the center of naysayers’ comments and backstabbing. You realize you’ve become liable and now contemplated as the third party for the relationship failure. You actually wanna fight back and cover your ass, but the evidences were so strong of you dating him that none of those whom you have explained believes on what you say.

4.       Immeasurable Comparison. I mean it girls: guys have tendencies to adopt “differential equation” thing. So, it’s either you prove your worth to not be easily compared to your best friend or you flow with the current. When dating him starts, he will spot your favorite pop songs, your hateful algebra, your hobbies and many more. If he’s into sports and you’re not; and your best friend spends the whole day with him playing hopscotch and Wimbledon, you’re dead. You’ll get disappointed for not liking what he enjoys and vice versa. There’s a possibility he’ll end up searching what’s missing to you that he expects to see. Sooner or later, you’ll be stuck performing what you usually don’t and you’re chasing to become identical with your best friend.

I do believe everyone has their own differences and it’s up to us on how we will express our peculiarities. If he can’t accept for what you are and don’t; and pressure begins to reach your nerves, it’s best to reconsider things before it’s too late.

5.       Best friend or Boyfriend?Remember, friendship can never be replaced but boyfriend can. Having to open a relationship with a guy your friend has past memories with will create potential avoidance instead of building rapport in the future. Awkward moments will likely occur between the two whenever you invite them for occasional gatherings.Don’t sacrifice your friendship over him no matter how deep you have fallen into.

If you can’t control the situation, have an intimate talk to your best friend and explain stuff in details but courteous way. Make sure she’s currently moving on with the stiffness of the break-up and ready to recap things to refrain from any misunderstandings later on.

Before you accept his proposal…..

Ask for the reason of break-up. Is it the guy’s or girl’s fault? If he does, was he able to save their relationship or make up for the fault he committed? If she’s to blame, what steps have she completed to resolve the concerns? Delve deeper if everything was a fanciful show to impress you for falling on his trap and leave you unexpectedly broken-hearted.

Hungry for HUNGER GAMES 2: Catching Fire

After what seems a year for the release of Hunger Games, the sequel, Catching Fire is soon to arrive with bolder revelations and unexpected chills that will surely glued everyone to their seats. Fans of the movie will appear back to the killer game that started it all.

Good thing, I did finish the 2nd book of Hunger Games trilogy satisfied and astonishment filled. I can’t wait to watch the motion pictureand envisage the characters sucking the enemies with their oh-so gutsy spirit on a hell-like battle for survival.


I was deeply carried away when I finished the last chapter of the book. It sort of a reminder of the success Harry Potter embraced. The overflowing creativity of the author surfaces on another journey of Katniss and Peeta together with their mentors and other memorable characters.

Still speechless and can’t get enough of what I’ve read, let me share some insights readers and audience will expect to the most awaited Catching Fire.

Hunger-Games-Catching-Fire-Thumbnail rs_560x310-130809124725-1024.CatchingFire5.mh.089013

Let the Game Begins

As the Quarter Quell starts for another tremendous opening of 75th Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta were again forced to return to arena. Achievers of previous games will gather to bout for death and glory. The rules of the competition become stricter; challenges become even harder. There’s huge chance of dying and less probability in winning. In the end, it’s always a sole tribute who will bring home the bacon.

The greater risks welcome all tributes leaving the odds less favorable on our protagonists. Their enemies target them as prey whereas they quarry their rivalries.

However, chaos in other districts threatens the Capitol: thus, perceiving the upheaval as wreaking havoc against the government.  Katniss sees escapism as an answer to her fears by turning away from President Snow’s dictatorship on the games and controlling her personal life.

Unstoppable suspense, almost realistic fighting tricks and intense exploitation written in imaginative details are some of the must-watch aspects of the movie.

Cashmere Gloss

Cashmere Gloss

Finnick Odair

Enobaria and Brutus

Enobaria and Brutus

Wiress and Beetee

Wiress and Beetee

New Characters: Friends or Foes?

In addition to Hunger Games team are the preamble of fresh individuals like Finnick Odair, Wiress and Beetee, Plutarch Heavensbee, Enobaria and many other known on their belligerent skills and innovative talents. These renowned figures will likely bring luck or failure to our main characters while Katniss struggles to kill each of them.


Love Knows No Boundaries

Torn between two lovers is really a box office sale in every story. Before, Katniss was determined to win the Hunger Games to come back alive for her family and childhood friend turned sweetheart, Gale. This time, she planned to sacrifice her life in return to save Peeta; which could also reveal hurting and leaving Gale behind.

There were abundance of sweet thoughts exchanged during the toughest moments of Katniss and Peeta. We’ll recognize an unusual kind of love team here. No more pretensions, guilt and feelings to hide any longer. The star crossed lover of District 12 is finally unleashing the true colors of their emotions. And what the love affair once been tagged as simply a “show” to audience became their fighting armor to undermine their adversaries and defeat the game alive.

The question is, would Katniss’ decision suffice the fate awaiting both herself and the one she loves? What does it really mean to give up the one who means the world to you?

Run, Katniss, Run!

Being smart is never enough to win. The games attest that even the most intelligent player will be victimized than those of practically skilled and hardship trained. Because of luring traps and deadly connivance surrounding Katniss and Peeta, sudden alliance was formed to surpass the unforeseen fatal surprises from Head Game maker. The help of these new members of the team made the trials ahead predictable and brainstorming ideas create logical possibilities of what the game was all about. Learning to hop swiftly, flight furiously, run swiftly while thinking aggressively were listed on our tributes to-do tips on enduring sadistic killings inside the field.

If we try to connect the dots of moral lessons and lucidity in arrears of the story, much deeper and reasonable huge similarities will be comparedon our today’s generation. Plainly, the author doesn’t only offer us action of fancy games putting the characters’ life to gravest danger. Reality is being defined on Katniss’ existence. The Games and Capitol portrays our present situation where everything purportedly mandated by political officials.

Get a tight grip in flying your imagination to the most provocative and adrenaline rush tournament you’ll ever read. Have a dose of actions created to exceed your limits. Be prepared and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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