Just Kissed Dating Goodbye

Just when you thought love stories and books teaching lessons on how to handle relationship is enough to give you vitamins about the loops and hoops of commitment, well, think again.

Don't commit into relationship when you're not yet ready

Don’t commit into relationship when you’re not yet ready

I bought “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” simply because the title attracts my attention. Period. I’ve seen and heard the book as many times I could remember-at social networking sites, word-of-mouth and recommended gotta-have-it from magazines. It came to the point when I just the grab IKDG and flip the pages completely clueless and curiosity hungry. I need to silence the questioning thought inside me. So, I bought it.

Let me tell you that the book is not written conservatively for old-fashioned people lived in traditional time where everyone is mandated to follow beyond their agreements. Aggressive and philosophical readers would mind the author’s advices because it doesn’t conform to the world’s norms. Basically, Joshua Harris didn’t set it himself. He based his instructions on relationship between opposite sex in God’s biblical perspectives. Say what? Dating in bible’s own understanding?  I don’t believe it. That’s what makes the book entirely unlike any other romantic novels filled with smitten couples and happy endings. It will screw one’s belief into worldly outlook of dating.

The messages relayed were straight to the point. Could you not date at all for the sake of waiting the right guy or girl at the right time? How could you do it when the only way to find is to date? Somehow, it’s ironic, but the author explains reasons and tells stories why dating raises complicated relationship issues instead of sorting out. You’ll be amazed on the impact it will leave you after reading the half chapters; making you think, is it worth the try giving up the search for potential boy/girlfriend?

Let’s move to singleness topic. Do you feel you were designed to stay single for the rest of your life? Or to shorten, just for the rest of your teenage years? Kind of outdated, of course. The book has organized its answers but brace yourself for some thoughts you wouldn’t imagine. No guidelines or tricks prepared for luring guys to fall head over heels to you. Numbered tips and rules in modern courtship are absent.

Would you find empty pages because of the review I share? My answer is no. Then what in the world should I buy it when I will only be disappointed for not finding what I want? The truth is, I Kissed Dating Goodbye is not what you want because it is what you need. What you want is to hear fanciful promises about prince charming and princesses far beyond reality. The book offers exactly the essentials you might need to read about relationship since it states fact purposefully and not just scientific hypothesis or theory.

IKDG didn’t bring me down. I believe, it will to you. I expect nothing but I got almost everything-from tiniest details to bigger picture-of what a Christian example must I apply to my existence specifically in handling my own rapport towards opposite sex.

Not yet purchasing one? Don’t let opportunity flies once you see the book lying on the shelf of a bookstore nearest to you. Or else, you could miss half the part of what God promises in your lovelife.


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