Wolverine Is Back: For Good or for Worst?


I was so pleased to received free ticket to the most awaited comeback of Logan to the big screen after hitting the last sequel of X-Men 3 and the movie with the same title.

I watched Wolverine sponsored by the company I am currently working with. Excited much, relishing the moment before the film began. I wasn’t able to see the trailer or perceived any buzz, so I get the hunch it will be painstakingly awesome.


Surprisingly, there was an inclusion of Japanese ninjas and less participation from fellow mutants. Wolverine is now playing as a protector in the human arena when in fact; the case he struggles to fight is manageable by the authorities. The story is about the Japanese royal family whom the heiress’ grandfather has been helped by Logan long time ago during world war. Due to terrible condition, the soldier/grandfather, after years became affluent and powerful in Japan goes bedridden, seeks help to her grandchild to look for Logan. Not long after they met, he died and left his abundant riches to his granddaughter. During the soldier’s interment, Wolverine sensed differently; only to find out that the heiress life is absolutely in grave danger.

The action now revolves on searching and looking for answers on why the girl was being stalked and planned to kidnap by unidentified strangers. Logan lends his hands for protection and soon fell in love to the Japanese heiress.

The rest before the ending was perceptible. I find the story lacking deeper effects to impressed audience because of the plot very preordained. Wolverine was combined to interfere with humans, I agree; but not in this vague action scenario because this could be gripped by someone like James Bond or the guy, Jason Bourne. It’s the same when we mix Indiana Jones to slog with Avengers: confusion hits viewers they have diverse abilities and key competencies to save our world. So does Wolverine. He has his strength not to become a police on Earth but to battle as what he is deemed to be in the place where he now belongs. He is created, even only in the form of comic entertainment, as a super transmuted hero minus the costume.

I believe that if we to execute stories in movies, best to shape the plot based on target viewers’ expectations and understandings on icon’s forte and vulnerabilities. Like Tony Stark. We know how far he could go because of the limitations set on filming Iron Man.

When we’re talking about Wolverine, we’re referring to mutants and the first thing registers to our minds is his prowess and killing fists of claws. He did portray these features to the movie which was applauding, really. Yet, these new franchise of Wolverine possessed no hint of relation to his past nor does it have contributions to his identity.

I get to grade it fair, anyway.

*Photos excerpt from Google


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