Going Up: A True Spiritual Guide in Workplace

I am a newbie in the corporate world. Recently, I graduated from a university carrying not only degree but also pride and honor from my alma mater. Going the same path any graduates traverse, I soon apply for companies where I will start my first career and showcase the skills and abilities I practiced for four years. Thank God I was hired only for a short period of my job application-a month after my commencement. So I was provided ample time to think things over.

When I started to work, I realized it wasn’t something a newly graduate will find. Adjustment to co-workers and learning the ropes of the company especially responsibilities assigned to me troubled me a bit. Work differs from studying because it’s hard to afford slip-ups. And if it does, I’ll sure find ways on how to deal with it even if it means entering a danger zone. Also, no professors to spoon feed-not exactly the kind of environment I envisioned. The scope of my tasks demand to learn fast and work smart since I’m engaged to retailing on one of the biggest retailers in the Philippines.


 Soon, I realized not everything was taught in the classroom. Eventually, hard knocks emanate along dawning the patience and perseverance out of me. Because I don’t want to easily give up, I heed advices. Just as I was prospecting for nothing in particular book on a fine lunch break, I rummaged through an array of good readings under spirituality on a bookstore near our office.I ended up with the book “Going Up” by Yay Padua-Olmedo. I believe it was blessing in disguise. For about three straight days, I already finished the whole story of the author’s survival on the professional world’s higher grounds and pitfalls. I can relate to her provided examples and truly felt a message relay to anyone who reads it. She has put her story on everyone else’s feet. With bonus biblical insights equating the happenings to her life, the author made sense and justice on telling the readers how to create a mark on their professional career without compromising and simply leaving our predicaments to God. Going with the flow or halting the current in workplace won’t make us susceptible to blunders or sins-we’ll only tear apart by sacrificing what we have and don’t. God promises us greater things far beyond our imaginings. There’s no exclusion even in our office doing our everyday responsibilities and communicating with our co-workers and superiors.Practical, inspirational and timely book for professional growth. It’s a piece filled with passion.Truly a reflection of a real spiritual guide in workplace.If you’re hungry for biblical verses applied for real world, this book will feed you. A useful reading for any career starters’ that doesn’t only look for theoretical lessons but also searching for the calling of being a faithful servant in a company.

“You are the salt and the light of the world. So shine before men.”

                                                                      – Matthew 5:14-16


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