Just Kissed Dating Goodbye

Just when you thought love stories and books teaching lessons on how to handle relationship is enough to give you vitamins about the loops and hoops of commitment, well, think again.

Don't commit into relationship when you're not yet ready

Don’t commit into relationship when you’re not yet ready

I bought “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” simply because the title attracts my attention. Period. I’ve seen and heard the book as many times I could remember-at social networking sites, word-of-mouth and recommended gotta-have-it from magazines. It came to the point when I just the grab IKDG and flip the pages completely clueless and curiosity hungry. I need to silence the questioning thought inside me. So, I bought it.

Let me tell you that the book is not written conservatively for old-fashioned people lived in traditional time where everyone is mandated to follow beyond their agreements. Aggressive and philosophical readers would mind the author’s advices because it doesn’t conform to the world’s norms. Basically, Joshua Harris didn’t set it himself. He based his instructions on relationship between opposite sex in God’s biblical perspectives. Say what? Dating in bible’s own understanding?  I don’t believe it. That’s what makes the book entirely unlike any other romantic novels filled with smitten couples and happy endings. It will screw one’s belief into worldly outlook of dating.

The messages relayed were straight to the point. Could you not date at all for the sake of waiting the right guy or girl at the right time? How could you do it when the only way to find is to date? Somehow, it’s ironic, but the author explains reasons and tells stories why dating raises complicated relationship issues instead of sorting out. You’ll be amazed on the impact it will leave you after reading the half chapters; making you think, is it worth the try giving up the search for potential boy/girlfriend?

Let’s move to singleness topic. Do you feel you were designed to stay single for the rest of your life? Or to shorten, just for the rest of your teenage years? Kind of outdated, of course. The book has organized its answers but brace yourself for some thoughts you wouldn’t imagine. No guidelines or tricks prepared for luring guys to fall head over heels to you. Numbered tips and rules in modern courtship are absent.

Would you find empty pages because of the review I share? My answer is no. Then what in the world should I buy it when I will only be disappointed for not finding what I want? The truth is, I Kissed Dating Goodbye is not what you want because it is what you need. What you want is to hear fanciful promises about prince charming and princesses far beyond reality. The book offers exactly the essentials you might need to read about relationship since it states fact purposefully and not just scientific hypothesis or theory.

IKDG didn’t bring me down. I believe, it will to you. I expect nothing but I got almost everything-from tiniest details to bigger picture-of what a Christian example must I apply to my existence specifically in handling my own rapport towards opposite sex.

Not yet purchasing one? Don’t let opportunity flies once you see the book lying on the shelf of a bookstore nearest to you. Or else, you could miss half the part of what God promises in your lovelife.


Wolverine Is Back: For Good or for Worst?


I was so pleased to received free ticket to the most awaited comeback of Logan to the big screen after hitting the last sequel of X-Men 3 and the movie with the same title.

I watched Wolverine sponsored by the company I am currently working with. Excited much, relishing the moment before the film began. I wasn’t able to see the trailer or perceived any buzz, so I get the hunch it will be painstakingly awesome.


Surprisingly, there was an inclusion of Japanese ninjas and less participation from fellow mutants. Wolverine is now playing as a protector in the human arena when in fact; the case he struggles to fight is manageable by the authorities. The story is about the Japanese royal family whom the heiress’ grandfather has been helped by Logan long time ago during world war. Due to terrible condition, the soldier/grandfather, after years became affluent and powerful in Japan goes bedridden, seeks help to her grandchild to look for Logan. Not long after they met, he died and left his abundant riches to his granddaughter. During the soldier’s interment, Wolverine sensed differently; only to find out that the heiress life is absolutely in grave danger.

The action now revolves on searching and looking for answers on why the girl was being stalked and planned to kidnap by unidentified strangers. Logan lends his hands for protection and soon fell in love to the Japanese heiress.

The rest before the ending was perceptible. I find the story lacking deeper effects to impressed audience because of the plot very preordained. Wolverine was combined to interfere with humans, I agree; but not in this vague action scenario because this could be gripped by someone like James Bond or the guy, Jason Bourne. It’s the same when we mix Indiana Jones to slog with Avengers: confusion hits viewers they have diverse abilities and key competencies to save our world. So does Wolverine. He has his strength not to become a police on Earth but to battle as what he is deemed to be in the place where he now belongs. He is created, even only in the form of comic entertainment, as a super transmuted hero minus the costume.

I believe that if we to execute stories in movies, best to shape the plot based on target viewers’ expectations and understandings on icon’s forte and vulnerabilities. Like Tony Stark. We know how far he could go because of the limitations set on filming Iron Man.

When we’re talking about Wolverine, we’re referring to mutants and the first thing registers to our minds is his prowess and killing fists of claws. He did portray these features to the movie which was applauding, really. Yet, these new franchise of Wolverine possessed no hint of relation to his past nor does it have contributions to his identity.

I get to grade it fair, anyway.

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Going Up: A True Spiritual Guide in Workplace

I am a newbie in the corporate world. Recently, I graduated from a university carrying not only degree but also pride and honor from my alma mater. Going the same path any graduates traverse, I soon apply for companies where I will start my first career and showcase the skills and abilities I practiced for four years. Thank God I was hired only for a short period of my job application-a month after my commencement. So I was provided ample time to think things over.

When I started to work, I realized it wasn’t something a newly graduate will find. Adjustment to co-workers and learning the ropes of the company especially responsibilities assigned to me troubled me a bit. Work differs from studying because it’s hard to afford slip-ups. And if it does, I’ll sure find ways on how to deal with it even if it means entering a danger zone. Also, no professors to spoon feed-not exactly the kind of environment I envisioned. The scope of my tasks demand to learn fast and work smart since I’m engaged to retailing on one of the biggest retailers in the Philippines.


 Soon, I realized not everything was taught in the classroom. Eventually, hard knocks emanate along dawning the patience and perseverance out of me. Because I don’t want to easily give up, I heed advices. Just as I was prospecting for nothing in particular book on a fine lunch break, I rummaged through an array of good readings under spirituality on a bookstore near our office.I ended up with the book “Going Up” by Yay Padua-Olmedo. I believe it was blessing in disguise. For about three straight days, I already finished the whole story of the author’s survival on the professional world’s higher grounds and pitfalls. I can relate to her provided examples and truly felt a message relay to anyone who reads it. She has put her story on everyone else’s feet. With bonus biblical insights equating the happenings to her life, the author made sense and justice on telling the readers how to create a mark on their professional career without compromising and simply leaving our predicaments to God. Going with the flow or halting the current in workplace won’t make us susceptible to blunders or sins-we’ll only tear apart by sacrificing what we have and don’t. God promises us greater things far beyond our imaginings. There’s no exclusion even in our office doing our everyday responsibilities and communicating with our co-workers and superiors.Practical, inspirational and timely book for professional growth. It’s a piece filled with passion.Truly a reflection of a real spiritual guide in workplace.If you’re hungry for biblical verses applied for real world, this book will feed you. A useful reading for any career starters’ that doesn’t only look for theoretical lessons but also searching for the calling of being a faithful servant in a company.

“You are the salt and the light of the world. So shine before men.”

                                                                      – Matthew 5:14-16