Man of Steel Continues

I once watched the original Superman filmed in the early 70’s portrayed by Marlon Brando and its revival during 2006 featuring Brandon Routh. Both movie depicts Clark Kent’s childhood upbringing, survival to fight for villains, adaptation to Earth’s natural environment, his job as a journalist and of course, Lois Lane. Only the plot differs and the twists brought by the characters that made Superman totally superb and successful. In the end, we’ll see him exultant by the glory he received for winning against his enemies. Anyway, why would anyone wants to lose Superman when in fact, one of the reasons we die to see the movie is because of him saving the world?Image

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Seven prosperous years have passed when the familiar big badge letter S is back. Cliché as it goes, Clark Kent is bigger and bolder; sexier and hotter. Superman is suited again with his skin tight blue costume with red as blood robes and side trim boots showing those flexible muscles and pagan facial physique .

The movie welcomes advanced technology in latest versions to graphically enhance the story. It gives me the chill whenever the vehicle of Superman on his planet would pop open since it looks so real I didn’t believe it was carefully manipulated by computer.

The team behind Man of Steel balanced the timeworn plot by updating supporting features on the fight scenes jam-packed with actions. I suppose the film has been invested highly in technology matched by thedominance of cool machines and gadgets. For me, these are the most noticeable alterations of Superman apt in today’s generation.

No boring acts. I assure anyone who watches it that it’s going to be worth the price. Except the ending would be less than expected-lack of suspense on the death of General Zod. Well, the generalities of such heroic movies are the antagonists to be defeated and triumph awaits for the protagonist because of pain suffered trying to save Earth for those who want to colonized it. Plus, the enemies won’t die that easily. Like Superman, exposure is needed to prove how strong our lead is. Viewers won’t be excited realizing they get so knocked up of one punch or back stabbed mercilessly. And so, Man of Steel increase the chance of agonizing Clark Kent through Zod’s servants. When it’s the main villain’s time to shine, I find insufficient combat to kill Zod.

I see Man of steel as epitome of greatness-man part of history. His legacy continues forever.

On the other hand, Henry Cavill does stand firmly of playing the long-time hero idolized by many because of sovereignty and good deeds. He has masculine figure bounded with well-built gusto that is not exaggerated by make-up or add-ons. I say his body is lean. Perfectly perfect.I agree with the girl commander in the movie who dropped the words, “I just think he’s hot” after seeing Superman wrecked the whatever device plotted by government to guard him. Everyone actually laughs because seeing her flirty reaction and almost exasperated smile were something adamant if we’re to personally face to face with a guy like Man of Steel. I wonder how Lois Lane begs to differ. Or does she?

To make this blog short, Man of Steel is so freakingly thrill I want to watch it all over without getting tired of it.