Fifty Shades of Grey: The Book for Awakening of Innocence


Are you looking for lunatic hardcore novel that will topple your sensibilities and feminist views? Better check out the provocative novel that delivers one’s imagination to wilderness-Fifty Shades of Grey.

I wouldn’t expect a lot will agree reading this novel that earned negative and positive feedbacks from people of different walks of life. What started as a trend in Twitter soon became the talk of the town; until the talk reached our vicinity and voila! I was mesmerized or let say; I got pretty carried away with the characters and story. In fact, it wasn’t the type of my genre at all. It could have been that my friends also read it and I got hooked. Yet, it’s more of my willingness to explore the possible unknown which made me share my review to this book.

You may or may not remorse for deciding to read the first saga to the last part of the book. The aftermath was crazy. Any reader’s innocence will completely vanish, literally and figuratively, bringing your ego an utmost pleasure. Here’s the synopsis of Fifty:

The story revolves around the clumsy but beautiful, Anastasia Steele, a literature major student and the young, affluent CEO of Grey Holdings Enterprise, Christian Grey. Fate entwines the two when Ana interviewed Christian for their university’s paper while Katherine (friend of Ana) was indisposed. Grey got attracted to Ana while the latter felt the same admiration but resent the idea. The conversation was followed by accidentally on purpose visitations of Christian. Ana, who’s trying to neglect her feelings for the lad failed after knowing he’s not open for serious relationship. Crestfallen, Steele tried to avoid and separate herself for the imminent danger of falling in love with the man. But Grey was persistent in pursuing Ana for other reason: to become her submissive.

In an attempt to attain a win-win situation, Christian brought Ana to his place where he confessed his engagement in BDSM relationship (Bondage-Dominant-Submissive/Sadism-Masochism). He showed all of his sexual apparatus and present Ana to the Red Room of Pain. The dominant-submissive was bonded by a contract established with strict terms and conditions. In exchange to gratify the man she loves even if it means giving up her purity, she agreed to sign.

The subsequent chapters depict their steamy erotic adventures, lavish lifestyles and desire to fully seek pleasure using their bodies. It was, during those times, that Ana and Christian realized their weaknesses: Ana consumed of her sexual fantasies and Christian, slowly admitting he can’t afford to lose the girl he has fallen in love with. The succeeding sequels of Fifty Shades (Darker and Freed) tackle more of the two’s sex escapades and this time, totally carnal and mind-blowing, with participation of various characters which play vital roles on the story. Of course, what would be a novel without twists?

The Characters: In my opinion, Grey was a lot hotter than I thought he was. The delineations used by the author were the seamless Hollywood epitome of Brad Pitt’s face and Demi-God’s abs. If a man reads the book, well, what can he say? “Duh, that man doesn’t exist. He couldn’t be just way good-looking.” Probably. But Christian was made for women to think he does exist. He’s a nerve to the bones, definitely disturbing. I once thought if there was a Christian Grey out there somewhere. He’s giving hype to every aspect of Fifty Shades. With his words used during his climax, I wouldn’t know what to feel exactly.

The fragile Ana, derived from Bella of Twilight, is fiercer and stronger. If you read the story, imagine how life would have been living with a guy like Christian who’s adorable, you die.

The Plot: My favorite scenario is their first encounter at GHE because in the end of the book, Ana is no longer telling her story. It was Christian’s part already. The starting point was the interview where Grey manifested his desire to know Ana better and delve deeper on his odd approaches when he saw her.

One thing, if I would have given the chance to alter a specific setting in Fifty Shades that would probably be the time they had children and still has intimate scenes in the vast green field of their mansion. It’s awkward when someone sees the couple. So, I’ll eliminate it since they could save their stuff in private place. Let’s be little realistic.

All the more reason to love the book is knowing Grey’s upbringing. He wasn’t molested or contemplated as a victim of pedophilia. He was driven to be sexually addictive in search of affection. Christian was deprived of a mother’s love and maltreated by the men his mom met. By the time he reached his adolescence, he found a refuge of his bereavement. Grey was heaved in the realm of sex in erroneous ways. Finally, Ana became the solution to his predicament.

Yes, it’s erotic. It will lose your senses leaving your thoughts fighting the urge not to envisage.  There’s penetration, orgasms, bad words, wild positions and a little bit visualization of Grey’s body. Though, any reader will see the meaning of the messages that it’s not just the sex thing. The book has more to offer; it’s more than meets the eye to be exact.

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