Ugly is the New Pretty

Have you looked in the mirror to measure your vital stats only to find out you wouldn’t fit the description of gorgeous male bods and skinny dashing females? When was the time you had a make-over (trimming eyebrows, curling eyelashes, wearing cool shades of mascara) to look like your favorite celebrity and you were surprise (the bad kind) because you don’t know who’s in the mirror? Have you seen your reflection impressed or depressed trying to figure out what adjustments and improvements you need to work? You’ve wished tons of times that you can easily work that dream abs and erase the freckles bothering your hopeful face. Frustrating, eh? No, don’t be.

What the society depicts are somehow exaggerations and pretentious to encourage people to embrace a lifestyle that is not theirs. Beauty is define by standards-how you dressed, what type of styles you’re in, your coolest bling and what you put on your face. You’ve become afraid to flaunt your skin because of those scars. Your hair is way less smooth, body without curves, lips opposite of Angelina Jolie and nose too big. Appearance is important, at least. There are certain exemptions as why beauty matters: because it’s significant in work force and media relations. When you’re ugly, you don’t belong in a magazine house filled with models wearing skimpy skirts and showy outfits. If you dare submitting your application, you’re ambitious. Like, “Hey, you’re in the wrong direction…” You would feel left out. Worst, criticized by people who call themselves beautiful.

vintage beauty

It’s as if you’re being treated in the way you don’t plea because you’re ugly. Let me tell you something: you didn’t choose to become what you are right now especially if you’re born with it. Those babies who have undeniable criticism on their physique and form, they didn’t want any of that. If they could possibly choose their desired nose’s structure, eye’s shape and lips, I bet they would have wanted differently. And due to genetics, the world charges them to pay the price they never intended to bear. Beauty products are advertised and sold to hide our flaws. We buy these products in belief of finding solutions to hide our insecurities. However, if external features are your description of real beauty, you’re missing the point of the human total package.

Whoever actually invented the term ugly hates it. I do. Everyone has its own unique character diverse from the other. We are wonderfully and fearfully made by God who does small to big creatures. We are beautiful. There is nothing to be ashamed of. The old saying goes, “Physical appearance lasts but attitude doesn’t”. I believe that true beauty resides deep within our hearts. No matter how bad your ugly face is and the guy next to you disgust staring, ignore him. Never let people define you in the beauty standards of Earth where nothing is absolute but change. Tell those who laugh because of your weird hair, no-make-up look and chubby figure that they are mislaid with one thing-appreciation. Show them what you got that no one else could. Stay pretty without having to change your true you.

Shout and be proud-BEAUTY IS ME.


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