So, Never Had a Boyfriend? (Like Ever??)

There are two types of No Boyfriend Since Birth girls: one, those who doesn’t like being anyone’s girlfriend (Yes, I’m quoting that from Summer Finn of 500 Days of Summer); and lastly, those who have dated, had flings and tried their best to be courted by guys but still single in the end. These are overrated terms for an understatement realm of relationships-where people will expect you’ll have your boyfriend on the age of 13, lose virginity by 14 and get pregnant by 14 ½ years old. Today, when you’re 18 celebrating Valentines alone and watching movies with friends instead of getting hooked with a guy, you’re a freak. It’s like a mortal sin committed when you confessed you’ve never been kissed.  Some will ask, what’s the problem (as if it is)? Then you say, “I don’t know.”

For me, who cares? It’s a free country. And I pledge I’m normal for not entering on worthless and intense relationships filled with dramas. No words could actually resemble my opinion on why I don’t date since whenever someone asks me why, I don’t know how to express my beliefs for the fear of being totally judged. I asked myself umpteenth times why I don’t have any boyfriend or why didn’t until now that I am 20. But it all goes down on one thought: I enjoy being single. I didn’t try to pretend and be at someone else’s feet so as guys would fall over my heels and beg for my heart. To be honest, I just like not being committed to anyone. Because I want to display that I don’t need guys to be loved and have inspirations. I want to be free from troubles brought by jealousy or unable to satisfy promises.

Drew Barrymore as Josie Geller in the movie, "Never Been Kissed"

Drew Barrymore as Josie Geller in the movie, “Never Been Kissed”

I’m not saying having boyfriend or liking someone and soon engage on a connection with label is wrong.  I do have crushes in the form of Ian Somerhalder and Collin Farrell which seems pretty fantasy because they won’t share the admiration the way I felt for them. And when I was sophomore, I used to stalk my crush because I believed I was in love. I followed him after classes, write every encounter with him on my diary and I once stole his picture and pasted it on my notebook. His friends would mock me and I say whatever. It was reasonably disastrous; painful even, but I was young. The idea of love is superficial and deemed fictional before. When I look back, it would simply be a lesson substantial enough not to repeat. I learned that if there was one thing in anyone’s life need not to be rushed, that would be committing in a true relationship to a person you really aspire to be with.

I don’t enter relationships just for the sake of having boyfriend. The decision I made helped me utilizes my singleness and treats it as a gift. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re a loser; you’re just happy being temporarily available waiting for someone to fill in the vacancy. Besides, it’s difficult to start a relationship because of pressure then regret in the end. At the same time, being solo is a preparation stage of truly finding the guy who would sweep off your feet. When that day comes, you will realize it’s worth the wait. *


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