What is Freedom when You can’t Have it?

Dainty Moments

I downloaded the photo from Google since it caught me off-guard when exploring for inspirational pictures. Dan Zadra, whose nation foremost creators of inspiring books and gifts. I would love to share this to my blog because recently, I received a freedom. No, I wasn’t imprisoned. What I mean is, I am free of the hassles lifted by academics; of pressure brought by competing and struggles in fighting for marks needed to attain diplomacy.

I may be in state of liberty after extensive solitary confinement but the battle, like any other, never ends. It keeps on going. And as much as I like running away from responsibilities, decision-making and excuses for doing what I should not; it will always haunt me in return.

Should I believe I exercise control over my life or I exist because I meant to follow rules on how I must run mine? Because 75% of my precious entity has been mandated by others-parents, acquaintances, peers, glossy magazines and detractors who try to wrecked the foundation I build for myself. “You alone are responsible for it”... Half-truth. Though, freedom is only a word invented along peace and happiness-simply a motivational description.

Generally speaking, it’s always Me, Myself and I who will judge forthcoming events best or worst; inevitable or not. People will lend hands to guide me but I am capable if I must adopt their supports. I need to drift with the streaming river until its water directs me to truly commit a life worth living.


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