I Could Have Had It All

I Could Have Had It All

I write this blog entry soonest after I read a message on my e-mail:

When I saw how failure am the day I opened my e-mail, I don’t know what I should do. Cry? Or laugh and go with the flow? My hands were shaking and I can’t feel my thumbs typing on my computer. Soon, the screen became blurred. There was an inaudible sound. Everything went blank. I reached my phone to inform my group mates, spreading the bad news”: Hey, we didn’t make it to the finals”. No one replied. It was a relief neither anyone criticized the efforts we exerted. Unfortunately, I missed the best part-winning.

I appreciate the fact that I am no good at all. I am born to be unlucky. I have doubts of leading a group and possessing ground-breaker characteristics for the fear of losing…for the fear of becoming a major punches line on joke time. The agony remains unbearable in the past few days. I am afraid I might be scolded and sentenced on my flaws.

The greatest failure I committed. I always been pressuring myself to be the best I can that’s why here’s what I got.

Sometimes, success is not enough. It will only lift your spirit.

Sometimes, success is not enough. It will only lift your spirit.

When you fail, the first thing that registers to your mind is not coping. You will consider what could have been to avoid such misfortune. Eventually, I recovered. I used to stick to my mind that that day could have been one of the greatest frustrations I’ve had. Basically, it was. Soon, I meditate using the bible and communicate with my folks. I actually had a favorite inspirational quote from that experience:

“Work as if everything depended on you. Trust as if everything depended on God.”

Should I worry again when I stumble down instead of standing, dusting the dirt upon my dress? Maybe next time, prayer will do. Needless is it to sing, “I Could Have Had it All”. Right?


Running the Political Race

Election seems a boring conversation. Just about hearing the word makes anyone (including me) sleeps to death. Color coded political campaigns are posted on walls and streets indicating fanciful promises in case elected and even achievements fulfilled from the past. All the edited jingles, paraphernalia of politicians’ names and faces; media appearances and forums catch publics’ attention in selecting the right candidates for the vying positions. But are these aspiring public servants help us to choose best fit nominees to protect our country? Or, are they just expending tons of cash for marketing themselves in exchange for power and raining wealth from the pockets of Filipino citizens while cover coating?

2013 senatorial election is the same as any elections before. Interested parties file application, talk about campaign reforms, setting political ideologies and begging for votes. They will present what they have done for our country and what they can do for the future. Pleasant or unpleasant news about election, social pioneers can’t help to share their opinions to which they give their sides. Even religious administrations forward lists of who should be elected and not to their alliances encouraging mass voting. Albeit strong boost of peer groups and society will make us think of who is who, the significance of picking the right individual is contingent on the candidates’ running rally.

Start to your community and browse your environment by checking the candidates’ backgrounds. It is important to know where they came aside from the ideals of this person or party list. Even personal, social, cultural and psychological status must be considered in researching since these are aspects worth knowing. Personal could be relatively hidden as these candidates are also human. They need privacy, too. If runners came from well-known kin or political hierarchy, expect open secrets and issues. If disputes have large contributions in our country, e.g., corruption, tax evasion and unexplained project programs, this will likely affect our decisions. However, as much as we want to elect the entrants because of his future action plans, when he already marred his name because of controversies in the past, there will be negative connotation in the present. Chances could be given, but the disadvantage is what could have happened before might occur after. Candidates who belong on this category need to polish their names on its finest and prove more than what they essentially offer.

We need to remember how vital accomplishments and unresolved concerns of recent politicians are when they were on their position. Have they employed what they have promised? If so, how beneficial is it to people? Has it yield great effects and changes? Have these running candidates fulfilled their responsibilities and wisely utilized their resources? Weighing pros and cons could be a demanding task for a voter but will surely pay off in the long run.

You see, the election process is the time when we are required to open our eyes and understand that our country’s tomorrow lies on our votes. Because by doing so, we designate people with bad or good intentions; stealing money they never earned while we depend on what they have promised to us. Not all politicians pleased us of wonderful projects for they do it by works instead of words. Some will bombard us endless plans with no assurance, or appropriately say no means of achieving as they are only desperate to grab the position.

As a citizen, being observant can be a good start in choosing the politicians running in the race. Everyone is eager to win but only few deserve. And the duty to put these “deserve ones” on the precise places is through us.


What is Freedom when You can’t Have it?

Dainty Moments

I downloaded the photo from Google since it caught me off-guard when exploring for inspirational pictures. Dan Zadra, whose nation foremost creators of inspiring books and gifts. I would love to share this to my blog because recently, I received a freedom. No, I wasn’t imprisoned. What I mean is, I am free of the hassles lifted by academics; of pressure brought by competing and struggles in fighting for marks needed to attain diplomacy.

I may be in state of liberty after extensive solitary confinement but the battle, like any other, never ends. It keeps on going. And as much as I like running away from responsibilities, decision-making and excuses for doing what I should not; it will always haunt me in return.

Should I believe I exercise control over my life or I exist because I meant to follow rules on how I must run mine? Because 75% of my precious entity has been mandated by others-parents, acquaintances, peers, glossy magazines and detractors who try to wrecked the foundation I build for myself. “You alone are responsible for it”... Half-truth. Though, freedom is only a word invented along peace and happiness-simply a motivational description.

Generally speaking, it’s always Me, Myself and I who will judge forthcoming events best or worst; inevitable or not. People will lend hands to guide me but I am capable if I must adopt their supports. I need to drift with the streaming river until its water directs me to truly commit a life worth living.