Internship: A Sneak Peek to Corporate World

Watch your behavior: Just one of the strict regulations imposed on companies from entry level employees to top management CEO’s. It helps you know. When you’re drunk. But inside your office doing menial or arduous tasks? Dude…That’s like suicide-except your willingness to push such horrible act.

By the time I enter the premises of the office I had my on the job training with, I felt comfortable; less guilt of not throwing myself to the job I expected. Here in the Central Business District Makati- the perfect location for the answers of your career dreams-is where I started to unravel how difficult being an intern. You read it. It’s difficult. For traveling lengthy hours up to beating the deadlines of researching (thanks for the help of caffeine). Add the number of crowd gathered in the public transportation, waiting, where by the time you got your seats you were already at your destination. I experienced these stuff I once watched in movies. Those career Type-A women running with their files on their left hand and frappe on the other managing to get ahead of the time-they aren’t superficial. They mirrored some employees I’ve observed back when I was an intern.

Anyway, I enjoyed the ride despite inevitable circumstances. It’s the learning thoughts that made me appreciate how God will turn events against your favor because He wants it according to His plans. The hardships, those were afar from my expectations. Although, I focus on the positive side like my co-workers and super kind boss whom I never seen frown even if she’s totally pissed off on our submitted labor. I grade her A. Besides, I didn’t admit research is sort of dull but I started to embrace it because of her!

Lastly, I’m going to miss everyone a lot. And the fun shared with them is something I will carry on when I’m gone here.